Forever_SHINee’s ‘SHINee’s 5th Anniversary’ Project Details! (CLOSED)


The date, May 25, which every shawol has been looking forward to every year, is approaching. We want to celebrate with SHINee with a special project! Last year, if you still remember, Forever_SHINee has done something small under the name of ‘SHINee‘ by donating 110KG worth of rice wreath.

This year, we hope to achieve a higher amount (targeting 500kg) and SHINee World knows the road to 5th year isn’t easy for our boys! We know many International SHINee Fanbases are doing the same thing, and so, we believe this isn’t something new, but something meaningful. SHINee members will be delighted to see many International Shawols coming together to help the needy.

Not forgetting our fellow Shawols who contributed their donation! Forever_SHINee admins has printed these beautiful set of ‘SHINee’ postcards for Shawols who have donated SGD10 / USD 8 ! We will send worldwide, free postage on us! Only 200 sets available!

Donation period: April, 26 – May, 20 2013!

  • Because Postcard sets are limited, we will limit one set for each SGD10 donation for each shawol only. For example, if you donate SGD20 / USD 16, you will still only get one set of postcard



Photos used for these postcards belongs to Forever_SHINee!

How to donate?
Singapore Shawols
can donate through DBS/POSB Bank Transfer / IBanking to Posb Savings 228-53022-0 

After transfer has been made, please email to with Email Titled Donation for SHINee’s 5th Anniversary Project‘ 

Twitter User (If available):
Amount Transferred: SGD ____
Address: (For postcard set if SGD10 has been donated)

  • Please attach an iBank screenshot or receipt photo of transaction with the email!
  • Emails with no iBank screenshot or receipt photo, we will not be able to track and no postcard set will be given!

For Shawols who are not comfortable with bank transfer, Forever_SHINee admins will arrange meet up on weekends at one central location. We will not accommodate your location/timing, if you could not make it, we apologised too.

Current Meet up dates set:

  • May 4 (Saturday)
  • May 5 (Sunday)
  • May 12 (Sunday)
  • May 18 (Saturday)
  • May 19 (Sunday)

*More dates have been added. Last updated on April 28.

Venue: City Hall (Exact Location will be announced on the date itself)
Time: 3pm – 5pm SGT

For International Shawols, we accept donation through Paypal ! Paypal email is Same criteria applies, every SGD10 / USD 8 received, we will send a set of postcard to you!

How to donate through paypal?


  • Please take note of the paypal fee during your transfer, you have to ‘tick’ the box which states that you will absorb the paypal fee. We will not acknowledge if the paypal fee is not absorbed by the donor. We apologised for any inconvenience caused. 

After paypal transfer has been made, please also send an email to with Email Titled ‘Donation for SHINee’s 5th Anniversary Project’

Twitter User (If available):
Paypal Email:
Amount Transferred
: SGD ____ / USD ___ 
: (For postcard set if SGD10 / USD 8 has been donated)

We are currently looking for each country representatives to help collect donation from our fellow International Shawols who do not have paypal but wish to join us in this project. For those who have emailed us previously already, we will update here by this weekend on how you can donate to ‘SHINee’s 5th Anniversary Project’ through them as well! International SHINee Fanbases who wish to join us now, please email us at !

Gifts for SHINee members!
Donations collected, 90% will go into Rice Wreath Project, while the remaining 10%, we will use it to purchase small presents for all 5 shining boys! We know that some shawols have also express their interests in sending presents for SHINee for their 5th Anniversary, we will help to collect them and send it to Korea! S.M Entertainment’s Rules for Artists’ Presents apply! No Food or Drink Items, No uncomfortable Gifts!

Simply email to with Email Titled ‘Presents for SHINee for 5th Anniversary Project

Twitter User (If Available):
Country which you are from:
What will you be sending?: (Short Description will do)

We will reply back with the address which you should send it to. You should email before May 10 and the presents should reach us before May 15, to allow us to send it one time over to Korea before May 25, 2013!

[X] Chinese Desciption Available!

We would be glad if you could help us spread the ‘SHINee’s 5th Anniversary‘ Project on other channels, like tumblr too! Thank you SHINee World! \(^o^)/