Thank you SHINee World who have donated for the SHINee’s 5th Year Anniversary Project 2013!

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On the May, 25 2013, Beautiful Rice Wreaths like this have been set outside the ‘SHINee Day’ 5th Anniversary Party venue to celebrate the 5th Year of SHINee’s Debut!

These beautiful rice wreaths have been bought by many SHINee’s Fanbases and Fansites from all over the world, under the name of ‘SHINee‘ to children, elderlies  and the disabled. We are happy that @Forever_SHINee has participated as well.

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Although we did not successfully reached our target within the donation collection period, we are proud that we did donated a higher amount, a total of 250kg of Rice, compared to 2012 for their 4th Anniversary. Thank you all who have participated, we know you have come from all over the world includes, U.S, Sweden, Israel, Japan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Australia, England, Ireland, Hong Kong and of course, Singapore! We also wish to thank SHINee Argentina and SHINee Chile who have joined us in the donation collection.

It have been a blessed 5 years with SHINee and SHINee World, we will work even harder to show our love for SHINee. Please continue to support Forever_SHINee and of course, our 5 shining stars, SHINee! 

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